Post-Construction Cleaning

Richards Janitor Service Inc. Specializes in Post-Construction Clean Up
If you've just finished construction of a commercial or industrial building, you should trust your post-construction cleanup to a professional.

Why Richards Janitor Service Inc.?
Richards Janitor Service Inc. has the knowledge and experience to safely clean windows and other exterior areas. They can match the appropriate cleaning product to the debris that needs to be removed since a chemical designed for properly cleaning one surface may react with the surrounding material. Different construction materials and debris on glass, wood, masonry, and vinyl require different methods of removal.

Uncoated vs. Heat Treated (tempered) Glass
Removing paint, cement, factory labels, adhesives and joint compound from glass requires experience and training. A metal scraper, when properly used, will remove debris from uncoated glass without scratching. However, if microscopic fabricating debris (also known as abrasive defects) are present on "heat treated" or tempered glass, they can be dislodged and trapped by a scraper during window cleaning. The end result is microscopic scratches in the glass that make cleaning even more difficult over the life of the window.

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